10 classic Bulgarian films you must watch

10 classic Bulgarian films you must watch

Bulgarian cinema has gone through hard periods in the past but it still have amazing products that you must watch and are iconic to the cinema in the country. If you want to have an insight of the life in Bulgaria this movies are mirroring the life in the past. The actors are not cinema actors but theatre ones and still do their job amazingly.

10 classic Bulgarian films you must watch with some iconic quotes.

  1. “Gotta sleep for 10 more minutes and then I’m coming”: With Children at the Seaside /S detsa na more/ (1972)
  2. “Why is this dog green? It’s a little crocodile”: Dangerous Charm /Opasen char/ (1984)
  3. “Backgammon has nothing to do with luck”: The World Is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner /Svetat e golyam i spasenie debne otvsyakade /(2008)
  4. “Even if there’s no trail, they shall not stand still”: The Goat Horn /Koziyat rog/ (1972)
  5. “What was the fish? A German!”: The Three Reservists /Trimata ot zapasa/ (1971)
  6. “The next song will be about love, a break-up and something else”: A Band with No Name /Orkestar bez ime / (1982)
  7. “Why are you laughing? Well, cause Comrade Stefanov sings badly”: Loving Out of Spite /Da obichash na inat/ (1986)
  8. “Now you’re gonna see if a horse eats beans!”: Yesterday /Vchera/ (1988)
  9. Bulgarian animation’s silent masterpiece: The Three Fools/Trimata glupatsi/ (1970-90)
  10. “You shouldn’t have built a synagogue right in front of my grandpa’s: After the End of the World /Sled kraya na sveta/ (1998)

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