Opening Night

Lineup:6pm – Exhibition opening: Now and Then: Three realities, three generations of video art’

6pm – Exhibition opening: Polish Poster

8pm – live performances by Jakub Ceglarz & SUKA OFF

9pm – live music BY Joe Nova, a London-based musician

Festival Behind the Curtain presents exhibition Now and Then, showcasing works of artists representing three generations of video art. The exhibition features works by some of the most acclaimed contemporary artists: Józef Robakowski (b. 1939), Maciej Toporowicz (b. 1959) and Anna Molska (b.1983).


This year’s exhibition features posters from a West Midlands collector Jurek Marks. The selection includes various Polish and international films by masters of Polish Film Poster: Jan Lenica, Franciszek Starowieyski, Henryk Tomaszewski, Jan Młodożeniec and Andrzej Pągowski among others.

SUKA OFF – TranSfera 4

A multimedia project initiated in 2007. Its aim is to search for forms of nonverbal communication between people in intimate relations. It is a hybrid work using a real-time devices recording and playing back pictures and sound. Between transmitters and receivers there is a body in which the electronic elements conducting impulses are placed. The performers change the registered body image, referring thus to the modern chaos of information and manipulation of reality, which takes place in the media.

SUKA OFF – Poland based artist collective existing since 1995. The members of SUKA OFF are Piotr Wegrzynski (founder, visual artist, performer) and Sylvia Lajbig (classical philologist, playwright, performer). They have been creating work across visual theatre, performance art, club action, installation, photography, video art and music visuals. SUKA OFF’s work has been presented in theatres, art galleries, clubs and festivals in most European countries, as well as in USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and
JAKUB CEGLARZ – Do Laseczka 

‘…gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original…’ – Judith Butler

To the song from those early days, you hear He has a voice and She is just a story that is told. Trans-me-late – He into that of Hers. She sings the unfamiliar and He puts on a dress. Ceglarz evokes a traditional Polish folk song in order to expose the culturally accepted conventions of gender, and the positions of men and women in history and the social hierarchy.

Jakub Ceglarz was born and raised in a small town in the south of Poland. He studied Fine Art in Middlesex University in London followed by completing his MA at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design where he is now working towards his PhD.  His research focuses on the idea of The Palimpsest in regards to conceptual/material translation.

Joe Nova is a singer-songwriter & pianist based in London, and originally from Leicester. His music can be described as piano driven alternative pop, with influences including Antony & the Johnsons, John Grant & Nina Simone.