Siedemnasty / Seventeenth


Siedemnasty / Seventeenth

Poland 2015

Short, War


Language: Polish

Subtitled in English


Centrala, 15:00 – 17:00, 16th & 24th Oct 2015

Free Entry


Year 2019. Conflict between East and Russia is rising. Young man has strange but realistic dreams. He goes to a psychologist. In his next dream he meets woman who tells him, that she found him unconscious. Main character finds out that it’s now the year 2039 and war with Russia escalated into global conflict. Where is the border between dreams and reality? How to tell the difference between real and dream world? Which of these worlds is more true?

A Film By: Janusz Pietroszek

Written By: Janusz Pietroszek

Produced and Edited By: Janusz Pietroszek

Cinematography By: Jakub Golis

Dariusz Dudzik – Man

Marta Konik – Woman

Boguslawa Owczarek – Newsreader

Izabela Tarka – Psycologist

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