For Some Inexplicable Reason

For Some Inexplicable Reason. Hungary, 2014

Hungary, 2014

Comedy, Drama

99 min

Rated: 12+

Language: Hungarian

Subtitled in English


centrala, 24 Oct 2015, 18:00


Áron is dumped by his girlfriend just as he is about to turn thirty. He feels as though he needs to completely remake a life for himself. If before, as a couple, it seemed all right to live from day to day without a steady job, now all of a sudden things have changed and the idea of going abroad is no longer just a hypothesis. Oppressed by these thoughts, by the obsessive memory of his ex-girlfriend and by the anxiety of his omnipresent mother, Áron, behind his parents’ back, makes a reservation to go to Portugal, thanks to their credit card and the false courage that comes from a bottle. But before leaving he meets a person: an encounter that could be decisive. Too bad it might not be so simple to see that person again.

Áron Ferenczik – Áron Szentesi

Miklós Horváth – Miklós Hamza

Bálint Györiványi – Bálint Györvári

Tamás Owczarek – Tamás Juhász

Roland Lukács – Roland

Juli Jakab – Eszter

Directed byGábor Reisz

Writing credits – Gábor Reisz

Produced byJúlia Berkes

producer – Miklós Bosnyák

producer: SZFE – Viktória Petrányi

Cinematography by Gábor Reisz

Film Editing by Zsófia Tálas