Kebab & Horoskop

Kebab & Horoskop

Poland 2014

Live Action,  Comedy

75 min

Rated: 12+

Language: Polish

Subtitled in English


centrala, 23 Oct 2015 19:00


Two down-and-out men, Kebab and Horoscope, go on a quest to re-establish themselves as marketing experts.

‘Kebab & Horoscope’ starts us off with ‘Kebab’ as he decides to quit his job after reading his horoscope. Following this spurious decision, Kebab runs into the face behind the horoscope, ‘Horoscope’. Much to Kebab’s disappointment, Horoscope is just an ordinary, down and out man like himself, but their meeting urges the two to join forces in an attempt to re-establish themselves as marketing experts. They attempt to rescue a carpet shop with no customers, only to find themselves with a team of oddballs to help them out.

This hilarious deadpan comedy is the highly anticipated debut feature from Grzegorz Jaroszuk and marks the way for a successful and diverse career. He quickly interjects wide shots with close ups, making the film feel unpredictable and exciting. The humour in ‘Kebab & Horoscope’ mostly comes from playing with the dynamics of the group, highlighting their situations outside of the carpet shop and suggesting a united loneliness is the reason behind their fantastical world. Can they sell carpets to no customers? Will they get any customers? And what kind of a person names their fish after The Beatles?

Hannah Newman Smart

Director – Grzegorz Jaroszuk
Writer – Grzegorz Jaroszuk
Music – Wojciech Mazolewski
Cinematography – Magnus Borge
Film Editing – Aleksandra Gowin
Bartlomiej Topa – Kebab
Piotr Zurawski – Horoscope
Tomasz Schuchardt – Ex Fan
Justyna Wasilewska – Intern
Barbara Kurzaj – Cashier
Andrzej Zielinski- Boss