Maciej Toporowicz

Maciej Toporowicz gained artistic recognition with his dynamic found-footage technique in the nineties, during a time when Poland was undergoing a fast political transformation. Previously inaccessible elements of mass culture such as advertising, music videos, or international television had become driving forces for artists. Toporowicz’s video stimulates senses using postmodern compositions of sound and changing images, where intellectual interpretation is taken over by sensory experience. Now and Then shows videos made in found-footage technique: Lure (1996), Ghost Stories (2004), Rrrr (2004) and the most famous – Obsession (1993). In addition, the exhibition also features some of his newer realisations like Knife in Water (2007) abandoning the use of found footage material.

Biographical information:

Maciej Toporowicz Obsession, video still, 1993, courtesy of the artist

Maciej Toporowicz, Obsession, 1993, courtesy the artist

Maciej Toporowicz aka Noqontrol – (.b. 1959, Poland) Lives and works in New York. His work refers to surrealism, and his inventive imagery makes the ordinary extraordinary. He has shown his work in renowned galleries and museums such as The Jewish Museum, P.S.1 Museum, Museo D’Arte Moderna, Lombard Freid Gallery, Galeria Camargo Vilaca and others.