The whole team of Behind the curtain festival and Polish Expats  are very pleased to see the amount of exposure this year’s edition is receiving from different kinds of media!

If you have a minute or two, we will recommend some interesting recent releases about the festival!

Birmingham Eastside

One of the reporters of Birmingham EastSide was welcomed as one of our guests during the opening night at Centrala Gallery, and you can read more about his experience during our festival

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It is the biggest and most comprehensive source of knowledge about Polish culture, and we are very pleased that our event got the attention of the redaction! So the article itself is also putting the most pressure on the polish titles appearing in the program, and it is definitely worth it to have a read through them!

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Is explaining how festival is overcoming mutual prejudices and stereotypes as one of the main goals of our actions. And how the organization of the festival is the perfect way to interest the British Eastern European culture, and thus to bring about a change in the perception of the citizens of this part of Europe by the residents of Birmingham

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Yet, another short introduction of the polish cinematography from under ‘the curtain’

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