Polish Expats Association

PEA BannerGreenPEA is a non profit organization set up in October 2009 to support adaptation and integration of Poles in the UK. Our aim is to empower communities and improve the lives of Eastern and Central European migrants in the UK by offering different forms of support, information and personal development. We also create positive environment for integration and community cohesion promoting art, culture and mutual understanding.

What we do:

  • Provide information and guidance
  • Provide training, courses, translations and interpreting services
  • Support children and young people
  • Build partnerships with other organizations and services to build integration and community cohesion
  • Offer networking, support and development opportunities through our Membership scheme
  • Organize high quality cultural and celebration events
  • Exhibit internationally acclaimed as well as emerging contemporary artists

Our aim to promote Polish and other Eastern European culture and hence promote integration and community cohesion. The Polish community is second biggest national group in the UK and we believe that art and culture should be represented and understood. Pea have presented the Birmingham strand of the international Play Poland Film Festival for the past 3 years in conjuction with Polish Arts Europe. The Film industry is one of the strongest strands of the Eastern European countries.