The Death of Mr. Lazarescu

The Death of Mr. Lazarescu

Romania, 2005

Drama, Thriller

154 min

Rated: 15+

Language: Romanian

Subtitled in English


centrala, 29 Oct 2015, 19:30


Mr. Lazarescu is 63 years old and lives in a block of flats, together with Nusu, Mirandolina and Fritz, his three cats. His wife died eight years ago and Bianca, his daughter, has moved to Canada.
It’s a Saturday evening. Mr. Lazarescu doesn’t feel too well, so he calls for the Ambulance. Until the paramedics arrive he tries to ease his pain with something from his own supply of medicines. Because he is short of the pills he needs, he asks for his neighbors’ help.
Sandu and Miki, the neighbors interrupted from their domestic activity, give him the first aid, although they can smell he’s been drinking. What looked like a headache from a hangover turns out to be a much more serious affliction when Lazarescu, witnessed by the two neighbors, throws up blood.

Ioan FISCUTEANU – Mr. Lazarescu

Luminita GHEORGHIU – Mioara

Mimi BRANESCU – Dr. Mirica

Dana DOGARU – Miki

Florin ZAMFIRESCU – Dr. Ardelean

Cristi PUIU – Script / Dialogue

Cristi PUIU – Director

Razvan RADULESCU – Script / Dialogue

Cristina BARBU – Set decorator