Tim Benjamin and VJ Pietruszka (aka Maciej Piatek) will perform at festival opening!

Tim Benjamin and VJ Pietruszka (aka Maciej Piatek) will perform at festival opening!

We are trilled to announce that Tim Benjamin and VJ Pietruszka will perform at Festival Opening night!

Their performance is fully improvised and consists compositions taken mainly from Tim’s latest album Fractures which was released in September 2015. Along with the sound there will be a vj session provided by Vj Pietrushka. As in their previous gig at Inkfolk in Hebden Bridge they will try to draw an experimental audio-visual storyline for the audience so that they can ‘immerse’ themselves in the experience.

Tim Benjamin

Perhaps best known for his operas, critically and publically acclaimed composer Tim Benjamin alsoperforms under his own name as a solo electronica artist offering a distinctive style of jazz-infused, organic-sounding and immersive electronic music.

Using natural and mechanical sounds and his own (largely hand-made) modular synthesizer, Benjamin creates soundscapes filled with lush harmonies, richly textured tones and catchy cells of melody.

This year Benjamin released his debut all-electronic album Fractures. Drawing inspiration from the altered perspectives created through fractured objects, Benjamin takes fragmented sounds and melds them to create an optimistic, nostalgic and uplifting journey.

Vj Pietrushka / aka Maciej Piątek

 A video artist and filmmaker based in the UK. His work reflects a pure and authentic pursuit of visual experimentations. His video projections function sometimes not only as visual narratives but also as autonomous light beamers. Use of various video techniques such as found footage, collage films & VJing, has helped him to create an original mood & atmosphere around his live sets. The main focus of his work lies on the exploration of socially vital areas such as politics and environment. His work has been screened & exhibited both nationally and internationally in places such as: ICA in London, Arnolfini in Bristol, Babylon Cinema in Berlin, The Vienna Künstlerhaus and The Embros Theatre in Athens. Vj Pietrushka shared the stage with artists such as: Shepherds of Cats / UK tour 2015 /, David McLean of GNOD, Isnaj Dui and Ben Nigel Potts performing fully improvised live vj sessions.

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